At LLE, we use the 95% Group Phonics Program. In second grade, we are responsible for teaching skills 6-9:

  • Skill 6: Predictable Vowel Teams
  • Skill 7: Unpredictable Vowel Teams
  • Skill 8: Vowel-R
  • Skill 9: Complex Consonants

However, we usually spend the first few weeks of school reviewing parts of Skill 4 (Consonant Digraphs) and Skill 5 (Silent E). Each week, students are given a pre-test on Monday to assess how well they are able to spell the week's designated phonics sound. If students score 90% or better on the pre-test, they are given a list of 10 challenge words to study at home. If they score 80% or below, they are given a list of 10 regular words to study at home. Throughout the week, they will utilize these words in small-group centers and while completing homework. On Friday of each week, students are given a post-test, which includes the 10 words they were given to study and 10 new words to assess how well they can apply the new skill.

In addition to the 10 spelling words, students are also assigned 5 high-frequency words to study. Students are given a pre-test for these words at the beginnning of the year. Each student receives a copy of the high-frequency words with the ones he/she got correct highlighted. At the beginning of each week, students must look at this list and choose the next 5 unhighlighted words (words he/she got incorrect on the pre-test) to study for that week. On Friday, students are responsible for using each of their 5 high-frequency words in sentences on the weekly spelling test. If they spell them correctly and use them correctly in the sentence, they can highlight them on the list and move onto the next 5 unhighlighted words.

During Word Study time each day, we have a 10-15 minute mini-lesson, followed by independent practice at small-group centers. These centers are designed to allow students to practice the phonics skill of the week and their high-frequency words. They will also be assigned homework to study both sets of words as well.


Here are some pictures of Word Study in our classroom:


Here are some pictures of our Word Study anchor charts:

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