In our class, I use a workshop model for teaching math. At the beginning of each unit of study, I administer a pre-assessment in order to determine how much my students already know about the objectives in that unit. Then, I group them according to the pre-assessment scores. The pre-assessments are stored in students' Assessment Binders.

Each day, students gather on the carpet for a mini-lesson (5-10 minutes long) about the day's objective. Then, students divide into preassigned groups to work either with me on the day's objective or with a small group in a center. The students will rotate through the groups every 15-20 minutes.

At the end of each unit, a post-assessment is administered. Students are given their post-assessment scores, which they will add to their Assessment Binders. The Assessment Binder will be sent home periodically for parents to review.


Here are some pictures of Math Workshop in our classroom:

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